Minature Proportional Pinch Valve

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MPPV-DK Demonstration Kit

Complete Application Evaluation with 10 minute set-up.

The MPPV demonstration kit (MPPV-DK) provides all the devices required to elevate the pinch valve for operation for your application. Included are the following items: chosen valve, controller, flash drive and wiring harness. Flash drive contains step-by-step set-up instructions, all motion programming language, custom programme for MPPV-Series valves,  and simplified and completed versions of operators's manual.

M/PPV-DK-24VDC Development Kit

Operates both the MPPV and PPV series at optimal power levels achieving maximum valve performance.

DRV-1 Step Motor Drive

  • Great for Resolution Air Ltd.'s MPPV-Series valve applications requiring basic step and direction control
  • Sinking, Sourcing and Differential control system compatability
  • Micro stepping (16 settings)
  • Current rating: 0.283 Amps to 2.12 Amps (RMS)
  • Voltage rating: 12-40 VDC
  • Digital input signals: 5-24 VDC
  • Integrated micro step emulation and noise filtering


RIBA - Type RP200 


Precision pressure regulator 1/8" connection


RP200 serves flow control up to 300 l/min.
The large control range from vacuum to 70 bar overpressure of this regulator facilitates a broad spectrum of applications.

Pressure Transmitters



High Precision

Back Pressure Regulators

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