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Equilibar produces several unique solutions for precision pressure control for many Industries and Research Projects. One of our primary technologies is our direct sealing diaphragm back pressure regulators, which also include our precision vacuum regulators. Equilibar also specialises in the control of very low pressures and very low flow rates.


Applications produced at Equilibar:

Catalyst Research
Pulse Generators
Fuel Cells
Flow Control
Flow Meter Calibration
Extrusion Pressure Control
Fuel Pump Testing
Tank Blanketing or Padding
SuperCritical CO2
Reservoir Core Analysis



Key Technologies



Precision Back Pressure Regulators 

Equilibar has developed a unique, patented dome- loaded technology that gives its back pressure regulators 5X more precision than traditional spring regulators. Instead of using a diaphragm to move a valve stem, the Equilibar uses direct sealing between the diaphragm and the valve seat. In addition to the incredible precision, this technology offers ultra fast response and control at bery low pressures and very low flow rates. An air set-point signal is provided to the Equilibar regulator by either a small manual regulator (for manual applications) or an electro-pneumatic regulator (for computer automation).



Precision Vacuum Regulation

Equilibar also offers patented Precision Vacuum Regulators that offer dramatically more stability at varying flow rates than other vacuum regulators. Using the same fundamental technology as the Equilibar Back  Pressure Regulators, the EVR series comes with a small vacuum regulator on top for quick, easy set-point adjustment.



Ultra Low Pressure Regulation

A key focus of Equilibar technology is the control of extremely low pressures. We have recently introduced a pressure reducing regulator with the ability to control gas pressures down to 0.02 psi (0.5 inWC). The LPR2 can be used in conjunction with the Equilibar back pressure regulator to provide an effective pressure control system for many critical industrial and laboratorial processes.



Demanding Application Requirements

Our customers bring Equilibar demanding applications that aren't able to be met by traditional spring regulators. We have extensive experience controlling flow and pressure in critical applications such as: 

- Sheer Sensitive Fluids

- Aggressive Chemistries (100% PTFE)

- Ultra Low Flow Applications

- Computer Automation of Pressure (including pulse generation)

- Sanitary or Hygienic Processes

Precision Back Pressure Regulators

Precision Vacuum Regulators

Ultra Low Pressure Regulators






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RIBA - Type RP200 


Precision pressure regulator 1/8" connection


RP200 serves flow control up to 300 l/min.
The large control range from vacuum to 70 bar overpressure of this regulator facilitates a broad spectrum of applications.




Vacuum to High Precision

Back Pressure Regulators

Low flow to High flow

Wide range of materials of construction to meet specific application requirements




Resolutionair Pinch Valve

Proportional Pinch Valve step and motor Linear actuator technology .0005"/step linear travel.

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