Stainless Steel Manual High Pressure Regulator

Single Stage Piston Sensed Self-Venting

Pressure Range 0-1000 - PSI

Part No. PPA-PI-1000-1-4


Part No. PPA-PI-1000-1-4 a pressure reducing regulator that is single stage, piston sensed, self-venting, cylinder and line regulator. The regulators feature a max inlet pressure of 3500 PSIG (241.32 bar), control pressure up to 1000 PSIG (68.95 bar), and Cv 0.20. The self venting hole in the bonnet can be captured for use with toxic/corrosive media.





  • Captured, self-venting, bonnet vent
  • Stainless steel piston/piston housing
  • 3500 PSIG (241.32 bar) max inlet pressure
  • Cv 0.20
  • Machined bar stock body, bonnet, and piston eliminates porosity found in casting
  • Economical pricing
  • Ex-Stock




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