New Instrument Air Regulator and Filter Regulator Series Provides Accurate Pressure Regulation with Added Features and Higher Flow

AMHERST, NH, USA - February, 2012 - - ControlAir, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls announces new Instrument Air Regulator and Air Filter Regulator series. ControlAir has expanded its popular 330 instrument air filter regulator to include a regulator only version, larger porting sizes, and an automatic drain. The Type 330/340 Series was designed to withstand the harshest environments while providing highly accurate pressure regulation and filtration.

Designed for use in systems that require clean, accurate, instrument air. The Type-330 Air Filter Regulator provides pressure regulation and filtration in an integral compact package. It is now available in 1/4" NPT porting for normal operation and 1/2" NPT porting for high flow requirements. The new automatic drain option prevents moisture from being retained in the unit and being carried downstream. The new Type-340 Regulator was designed to provide accurate, constant control under variable flow rates and supply pressures. It is also available in both 1/4" and 1/2” NPT porting.


The Type 330/340 Series offers a choice of three output ranges that provide precision control up to 120 psig (8 BAR). Maximum supply pressure is 250 psig (17 BAR). Two 1/4" NPT gauge ports are included. The Type 330 offers an optional automatic float operated drain with 1/8” NPT connection for piping away waste liquid. The units can be pipe, bracket or through body mounted. ATEX 94/9/EC approval II G D is also available.


The Type 330/340 Series is designed to provide instrument quality air to valves, pneumatic controllers, transmitters, transducers, valve positioners, air cylinders, and a wide range of pneumatic control systems. Applications include oil and gas processing, both on and offshore; food; pulp and paper; pharmaceutical processing; pollution control; wastewater treatment and research projects.


ControlAir Inc. manufactures precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls. ControlAir’s markets include process control, semiconductor, printing and converting presses, diagnostic and surgical medical equipment, robotics, quality control, automotive, analyzers, compressors, pumps and paint equipment. For more information, ControlAir’s website,, offers full product specifications with PDF files, 3-D Interactive Catalogs, downloadable 3-D and 2-D CAD drawings, and company profile.


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