Equilibar Back Pressure Regulator

Unique pressure control technology for highly demanding applications.


Our dome-loaded back pressure regulators work in an entirely different way from traditional regulators. This unique approach provides incredible stability across widely varying flow rates and demanding process conditions.


Our unique regulators are dome-loaded, meaning that they get the set-point by an air or gas loading on the pilot reference port. This set-point can be provided by either an electro-pneumatic regulator or a manual gas regulator.

Our patented back pressure regulator design uses a flexible diaphragm with multiple orifices to maintain an incredibly sensitive pressure balance between the inlet port pressure and the pilot reference pressure

The result is a high performance regulator that performs across incredibly wide flow rate ranges, typically to within 1% precision for most gas applications.


Critical Service Advantages

Wide Flow Range

Our unique technology allows for precision across a 1000:1 flow range in most applications. Up to 10,000:1 in many research applications.

Computer Automation

Our sensitive dome-loaded design makes automating your process pressure easy and precise.



Two-Phase Flow

Our unique design allows for liquids and gases to flow together while maintaining incredible inlet pressure stability. Our multiple orifice design is ideal for minimizing pressure disturbances in two-phase flow)


High Precision

Inlet pressure matches reference pressure within 1-2% through wide flow range - better than 0.5% in most research applications. Frequenty used in industrial test benches for liquids and gases.

High Pressure

Maximum pressure up to 5000 psig. Somewhat higher for custom applications.

High Temperature

Our stainless diaphragms can be used to 327C in many applications. Useful in petrochemical gas analysis and research using (high temperature).



Ultra Low Pressure

Using delicate diaphragms, our technology gives precision down to 0.02 psig (0.5 inWC).



Aggressive Chemistry

Our many material options include 100% PTFE construction as well as Hastelloy C276 and SS316. Our products can be made compatible with virtually every aggressive chemical known.

Ultra Low Flow

By far the lowest flow rate available, down below Flow Coefficient 1E-8 (<0.1 ml/min gas or 0.001 ml/min liquid).



Low Dead Volume

Our 1/16" tube fitting option provides for total dead volume of 0.2 ml. Useful for High Performance Liquid Chromatography and gas analysis services requiring low dead volume.

Note: the terms "Back Pressure Regulator" and "Back Pressure Valve" are often used interchangably. On this website, we prefer using the "Regulator" term to refer to both.


The Equilibar back pressure regulator provides stability through 1000:1 flow rate range.






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