Equlibar BPR featured in scientific paper on membrane fouling



Equilibar back pressure regulator used as electronic pressure regulatorEquilibar back pressure regulator (far left) is used to control water pressure in membrane fouling experiments at the University of Texas-Austin's Chemical Engineering department.
By Jeff Jennings | Published April 20, 2013

The Equilibar back pressure regulator is being used by the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Austin to study  membrane fouling in applications such as industrial water purification.

The stainless steel regulators are being used together with the Proportion-Air QPV to create a high precision low pressure control for both the membrane upstream and downstream pressure conditions.

The research is featured in the American Institute of Physics’ Review of Scientific Instruments, in a paper entitled “ A crossflow filtration system for constant permeate flux membrane fouling characterization”.

Many industrial and research clients use the QPV together with the Equilibar back pressure regulator because both devices have sensitive, hysteresis-free performance.  This UT-Austin application used LabView to command the QPV, creating a high-performance automated pressure control system for their experiments






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