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Proportional valves assume controlling tasks in all areas of industry using certain procedures with multiple repitition and placing high deamnds on pressure, temperature, speed, torque and force. These regulators are responsible for comparing and adjusting signals (signal of the actual valve transmitter and a specified control signal). The proportional regulator assumes the task of adjusting actual values to control signals as quickly as possible so that the dymanic production procedure is not interrupted. Function is permenantly controlled via the actual value transmitter (sensors) or proportional regulators. Today, they are of central importance in combination with intelligent electronics. Some application examples demonstrate the broad field in which RIBA proportional regulators are used.


Picture shows valve fitted with electrical connector to meet with existing wiring configuration. So no wiring changes needed to upgrade to the latest new technology.




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RIBA - Type RP200 


Precision pressure regulator 1/8" connection


RP200 serves flow control up to 300 l/min.
The large control range from vacuum to 70 bar overpressure of this regulator facilitates a broad spectrum of applications.

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