Industrial Electronic Repair / Motor controller - Drive Repair

 Commitment to Quality


We combine our advances electronic knowledge with our commitment to quality and customer service and therefore our customer gains a dedicated partner that provides viable and cost effective repair solutions.

We pay very close attention to detail and conduct a number of tests to ensure certainty in that your devide or unit has been repaired and serviced efficiently before being returned after repairs have been carried out.




We closely monitor time spent on each job and our standard tunraround time is 5-14 days.



PROPORTIONAIR LTD realises that every industrial electronics repair is unique; whether equipment is 20 years old or just a few weeks old, we are willing to adhere to our customer repair needs.

Our strict quality control repair procedures and the use of our trained and certified technicians enable us to get the job done right the first time.


We use a comprehensive database of technical manuals to analyze and test (static, load and operational) most equipment functions. Often, our technicians are able to anticipate and detect problems amongst discreet components of your equipment before them become a catastrophic problem helping you to save costs in the future for such failures.



Looking for a repair?


Give PROPORTIONAIR LTD an opportunity to repair or refurbish your electronics device. Just call our highly trained and experienced staff and we will do our best to solve your problems with full customer service satisfaction. Of course, we can't guarantee that we can repair every device that you may send.

Please call in advance or email us to discuss your unit.




We're always happy to discuss our extensive range of products, or your application.


Contact us on:



+44 (0) 2477671600

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RIBA - Type RP200 


Precision pressure regulator 1/8" connection


RP200 serves flow control up to 300 l/min.
The large control range from vacuum to 70 bar overpressure of this regulator facilitates a broad spectrum of applications.

Pressure Transmitters



High Precision

Back Pressure Regulators

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